EDI Design Boot Camp Project: September 2018


FaceOn is an personal project I created during the three-week Design Boot Camp preceding my graduate program. We were charged with creating a project relating to the theme of resfeber — a Swedish term describing the mix of nerves and excitement before embarking on a journey. I wanted to capture the comfort of following daily routines and rituals during times of change by building an automated makeup organizer.


The device is a rotating system with five compartments for storing makeup. It is housed in a pentagonal box, which I constructed from laser-cut wood. The housing has an opening that reveals one compartment at a time. Inside, an acrylic plate holds the five modular 3D-printed compartments, each of which I designed to fit different makeup products. The plate is mounted to a stepper motor, which rotates the system. I installed a row of LEDs on the front of the box to serve as a progress bar. After using the item(s) stored in a compartment, the user presses a button and FaceOn rotates, advancing to the next compartment, and the next LED lights up, indicating progress through another step in the user’s routine.


I successfully executed my plan to create a practical productivity tool that also captures the simple comfort of personal rituals, and I presented FaceOn to faculty and classmates at the end of the Design Boot Camp. A video of the device in action can be found below.

Skills Used

  • SolidWorks

  • Laser cutting

  • 3D printing

  • Mechatronics

  • Microcontroller programming

  • Machining (mill and lathe)