Procter & Gamble

Human Centered Product Design Studio: Fall 2018


In collaboration with Procter & Gamble, I worked on a team of four to develop an innovative product solution for the Pampers brand. Throughout the 10-week project, we performed research, prototyping, and synthesis in order to discover user needs and tensions and deliver a final product that would address them.


The project followed a user-centered design process of research, prototyping, testing, and synthesizing feedback over multiple rounds of iteration.


User Research

After performing secondary research to understand the product space, we visited the homes of target consumers to perform in-depth interviews. These helped us discover users’ tensions and pain points in their current product experiences. Later, we conducted central site visits with consumers where we observed their interactions with our prototypes and collected their feedback to the concepts we had generated.


We synthesized our observations and impressions from research with consumers in order to uncover themes and insights and identify leading tensions. We used frameworks to organize our ideas and pinpoint opportunities for design solutions.

Prototyping & Iteration

Throughout the process we created prototypes to help communicate our ideas, test concepts, and receive user feedback. Prototypes ranged in fidelity, beginning with conceptual mockups to get initial impressions from users. Leading concepts were iterated and developed into higher-resolution prototypes that better showcased specific functions and features.


We delivered a high-fidelity prototype of our solution to P&G, as well as extensive documentation communicating our recommendations for future directions and strategy.


Skills Used

  • Consumer research

  • User testing

  • Synthesis

  • Iterative prototyping

  • Project management

  • Visual communication